I’m excited to have just reached the landmark of having now built and designed 100 websites, by launching my latest site for Writer and Poet Ali Seegar.

I became a website builder and designer in 2010, when I cut my teeth on an eCommerce website called baffie, taking initial instruction from my husband Colin Usher, who has been involved with the web since the web began! Since then, I have continued to learn and grow on the job, and can now boast being a specialist in WordPress websites for creative self employed businesses and small companies.

I love my job as I get to look at beautiful images and work with like minded individuals all day long. Having started my professional life as an artist and luddite (!), I’m able to explain things simply and in a language my clients can understand, breaking the work into bite sized tasks, so they don’t feel overwhelmed by the (often daunting) challenge of how best to organise and present their work.

When I first met Julia at her wonderful writing retreat Studio Faire, I knew immediately she would be the right person to solve my dilemma of wanting to combine two different websites – one for my children’s novels, the other for my author profile – into a fresh modern site. By integrating my favourite colours with the font and illustrations from my children’s books she has managed to capture the essence of my personality as well as cleverly highlighting my various writing styles.

Working with Julia was simple and professional from our first conversation to her congratulatory email to say the site had gone live. I would highly recommended Julia’s work to anyone who is looking for help with a new website.


Writer & Poet

Julia from a magic far-away place managed to nurture my techno spirit into action…it was at times for me quite challenging… Slowly but surely through email, with clear direction, realistic deadlines and an abundance of patience Julia has designed and delivered a new lovely spanking clean and dandy website.



I came to this project all upset and stressed about my website but it’s been beyond easy, and I have you to thank for that! It’s like I handed you a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a black puddle and you waved your magic wand and voila – a gorgeous website! I’m over the moon with it.


Ceramic Artist

I’ve had the privilege of creating three very special sites for artists, now deceased. Working with their descendants, I created significant archival websites for Bill Scott, Milton Hebald and Tom Hutcheson. Three artists who I admire greatly and feel privileged to have been asked to create these tributes to their life and works.

Bill Scott, Artist Website
Milton Hebald, Artist Website
Tom Hutcheson, Artist Website

In addition to the many artists, writers, musicians and creative organisations, I’ve been excited to work with Museums and Heritage Highland on their Highland Pictish Trail site, as well as with a number of health specialists (massage therapists, a chiropractor, a pilates instructor, a mental health nurse and storyteller and a life coach) and a gardener, marquee company and Christmas Tree grower!

Ali Seegar
Highland Pictish Trail
Victoria Chiropractor

Though I live in France, the majority of my clients live in the UK, America or Canada, and I thoroughly enjoy having this international connection, with chatting made simple through zoom and email. I really feel I get to know my clients during the process and long term friendships are formed. I do provide a training package once the site goes live, but many people choose to maintain my input, paying me a small annual retainer for regular health checks and updates. Who wants to be bothered with that when they could be spending time doing what they love the most instead?

To the past 100, I say a huge thank you to all of you have put their trust in me to design a website for you, which reflects your character and your work. Stay in touch!

To the future 100, I look forward to continuing to be contacted by fascinating and genuinely lovely people, interested in working with me to share their portfolios with the world.

Featured image top: Lorna Fraser, Ceramic Artist


(It’s been 12 years…so some of these sites may not be quite as I left them! The grey ones no longer exist)


Art is Hell
Artist Book Group
Barefooted Weaver
Central Scotland School of Jewellery
Cupar Arts Festival
Edinburgh Lace Course
Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop
Jamieson & Gordon Ltd
Mariette Marty Architect
North Light Arts
Ruth Paton Theatre Designer
Serving House Books
Society of Scottish Artists
Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition
Sonic Bothy
The Sunshine Kitchen
Tony Marsh Photography (2015 & redesign 2020)
Under the Wing
Yellow Broom Product