Julia Douglas, Artist


A constant inspiration for my work is the home and the relationship people have with the objects they put in their own. I make art by exploring seemingly trivial household objects, and remake these by playfully transforming them.
Guaranteed to amuse…or at least bemuse.
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Julia Douglas, Designer


I am a web designer who creates self-manageable websites for sole traders and small businesses, specialising in working with artists and arts organisations.
I often work in partnership on sites with Colin Usher, combining expertise to offer a fully supportive experience.
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Julia Douglas, Studio Faire


I have worked with many arts organisations (most recently with the Society of Scottish Artists, coordinating their Annual Exhibitions) and have undertaken four artist residencies. With this experience in hand, I have moved to the south of France to set up a ‘creative retreat’.
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Cheerfull Charity Website for The Sunshine Kitchen

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE creating websites for artists, however, it’s extremely refreshing when an opportunity comes along to create something that wee bit different. Not only that, but also an opportunity to work with a former colleague and...

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Janine Partington’s Website for Leatherwork

When vitreous enamel artist, Janine Partington, decided to expand her work into the realm of carved and coloured leather and acrylic painting, she felt that she needed a new website to reflect this new area of exploration and so she contacted me. She told me that she...

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Web design for Canadian Chiropractor, Dr Katie Bulmer

Colin and I were so proud to be involved in helping with the new business launch of Victoria Windsor Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Ontario, Canada, which is owned and run by Dr. Katie Bulmer. Colin took some fantastic headshots in his studio here in...

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New Vibrant Website for Mosaic Artist Joanna Kessel

Web designing for artists is always a collaborative process and Joanna Kessel approached this work in the same way as she would make one of her stunning mosaic artworks: selectively, carefully and with great attention to detail. Fortunately, I by nature am...

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Celebrating my first 50 Website Designs

I was just thinking about some of the websites I have designed and built over the last few years and started to wonder how many I have actually created. I sat down and wrote a list and realised that I have just hit the big 50! It's actually 51 if I include...

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My Websites are not just for Artists!

Lately I have had the pleasure of working with a couple of non-creative companies. 'But I thought you said you only worked on artist's websites?' NO, I love to work on all websites where the clients have great images as the main focus of their site... and...

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Reflecting the character of Soosan Danesh in her website

I really enjoyed working with the wonderful artist Soosan Danesh on a new website to showcase a portfolio of her past projects and present her new paintings. Some artists prefer to give me regular feedback and updates on their own progress through emails,...

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Archival Website for Scottish Painter, Tom Hutcheson

I was contacted in January by Scottish artist Gerry Hanley, who was looking to set up a website for her late uncle, Tom Hutcheson. I felt extremely privileged to be selected by her to create this archive, as Tom Hutcheson was a highly respected Scottish...

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