Julia Douglas, Artist


A constant inspiration for my work is the home and the relationship people have with the objects they put in their own. I make art by exploring seemingly trivial household objects, and remake these by playfully transforming them.
Guaranteed to amuse…or at least bemuse.
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Julia Douglas, Designer


I am a web designer who creates self-manageable websites for sole traders and small businesses, specialising in working with artists and arts organisations.
I often work in partnership on sites with Colin Usher, combining expertise to offer a fully supportive experience.
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Julia Douglas, Studio Faire


I have worked with many arts organisations (most recently with the Society of Scottish Artists, coordinating their Annual Exhibitions) and have undertaken four artist residencies. With this experience in hand, I have moved to the south of France to set up a ‘creative retreat’.
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Reflecting the character of Soosan Danesh in her website

I really enjoyed working with the wonderful artist Soosan Danesh on a new website to showcase a portfolio of her past projects and present her new paintings. Some artists prefer to give me regular feedback and updates on their own progress through emails,...

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Archival Website for Scottish Painter, Tom Hutcheson

I was contacted in January by Scottish artist Gerry Hanley, who was looking to set up a website for her late uncle, Tom Hutcheson. I felt extremely privileged to be selected by her to create this archive, as Tom Hutcheson was a highly respected Scottish...

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Julia Gardiner’s Hassle-free Website

I have long admired Julia Gardiner's sculptural objects beautifully crafted out of hand-made paper. Her work was first brought to my attention while I was an art student at Grays School of Art, as her husband, Alan Watson, 'sandwiched' my university...

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I’m proud of Amanda Adam’s new artist website!

Yes, I am rather proud of Amanda Adam's new artist website, which I built and designed in the run up to Christmas. Her vibrant paintings and friendly personality certainly made my life easy and working on this site was a real pleasure. I was thrilled to...

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‘Context’ Exhibition, Glasgow

Context, Exibition of Photography and other interesting images at Offshore Gallery. I recently had one of my screen-prints selected for an exhibition of 'Photography and Other Interesting Images by a range of Glasgow based and International Artists'...

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People Updating Their Own Website Following Training

It’s always such a pleasure to revisit a website I have designed for an artist to see that they are managing to update it themselves! I just popped in to a site I created for Ruth Thomas at the end of last year: It’s one of my...

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Prize Giver at SSA & VAS: OPEN 2018

The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) in Edinburgh has been like a second home to me for the past 12 years, as I have worked within it’s walls in almost every capacity possible, most recently, co-ordinating the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Scottish...

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Long Distance Relationships Through Collaboration

I have recently completed a matching pair of websites for partners Catharine Davison and Robbie Bushe. These two artists are both brilliant ... but very different, with Catharine drawing her inspiration from landscape, developing the majority of her work on location,...

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