I thought you might like to see my latest 12 website designs for Artists and Writers, all created in 2023.

SO, here they are in alphabetical order:
Abbey Gardner (Artist) – https://abbeygardner.co.uk/
Alexandra Bell (Artist) – https://alexandrabellsound.com/
Bailey Bass (Artist) – https://baileykbass.com/
Isobel Currie (Artist) – https://isobelcurrie.com/
Janet Melrose (Artist) – https://janetmelrose.co.uk/
Kimberlea Bass (Artist) – https://kimberleaartistry.com/
Laura Newbern (Writer) – https://lauranewbern.com/
Maria Hayes (Artist) – https://mariahayes.info/
Nicky Sanderson (Artist) – https://nickysanderson.co.uk/
Stephen M. Redpath (Artist) – https://stephenmredpath.com/
Susan Elsley (Writer) – https://www.susanelsley.com/
Susie Johnston (Artist) – https://susiejohnston.co.uk/

I’d say my website design style is clean, minimal and image focused. Would you agree?

Please read a few testimonials and find out more about what I can offer, how much I charge, how long it will take and so forth by visiting my WEB DESIGNER page or see a few more examples of my designs HERE.

Image: Nicky Sanderson, ‘Marine Chart, Ardrossan to Pladda’