I make art by exploring seemingly trivial household objects, and remake these by playfully transforming them. Guaranteed to amuse…or at least bemuse.
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I create self-manageable websites and printed marketing materials for sole traders and small businesses, specialising in working with artists and arts organisations.
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I write regular blog posts at studiofaire.co.uk. An informative, entertaining blog about our journey to set up a creative retreat in South West France.
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Crowdfunding Campaign for Creative Retreat

Throughout August, Colin and I are running a crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo to raise funds for our creative retreat in South West France. Please join us on our journey to create Studio Faire by...

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Bowled Over By Testimonial

I was completely bowled over this morning when I grabbed my iPhone to check my emails and found an amazing testimonial from textile artist Susan Bryson: ‘Julia has created a fantastic website that completely reflects the nature and themes within my work. I am so...

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We Met Using FaceTime And All Went Smoothly!

When I was at art college, I had a saying pinned up in front of me at my desk (I think it may have been from Issey Miyake?): ‘Simplicity is the end, not the beginning.’ This is how I feel about a new website I have just completed to showcase the sculpture of Kenneth...

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Human Presence at Drum Castle Deemed a Success!

An article, published yesterday in the Scotsman by Alison Burke, talks about the National Trust for Scotland’s Drum Castle partnering with the Aberdeen Art Gallery and the two exhibitions it is presenting from the galleries permanent collection, while it...

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Alison F Bell – New Website

When Alison F Bell contacted me to see if I could help her create a website to suit her ‘new identity’ I was excited to give it a go. Alison is not only a textile artist, who makes beautiful constructed textile and collage works, but is also undertaking a...

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I am no SEO specialist but…

As a website designer, I am often asked about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and whether I can help get my clients website to number 1. in a Google search. The sites I make are made using WordPress. Wordpress, by default, is set up to be SEO friendly. HOWEVER, this...

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