When there are so many free platforms to choose from for your Artist or Writer portfolio website (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, … the list goes on) and when some of these even offer ‘the power of cutting-edge AI website creation’, why then would you ‘waste’ your pennies paying for a web designer?

Firstly, because Artists, Writers and other creatives don’t only need a beautiful template to pop their words and pictures into, and they certainly don’t need AI generated content (urgh!), what they often need is someone to help them organise their many and varied creative projects.

I help my clients to create a site that unifies often seemingly diverse areas of their creative practice to show overarching themes and interconnections, to help them select and edit their (often enormous) creative output into a cohesive, edited portfolio, and ensure the site can be easily and simply navigated by the visitor (who you only have the attention of for a few precious minutes on the whole!).

Another reason to employ me to create your website is to get it done!

So often I hear ‘I keep meaning to create a website, but keep putting it off as it seems like such a huge mountain to climb!’, by working with me you will have a live website in about two months and, during those two months you can be cracking on with doing what you really want to be doing… creating!

Perhaps you’ll be making an income from your creative business, while I’m working on your new website (and if you are, you can certainly be adding this business expense to your tax return!) and surely that makes more sense than you wasting your time scratching your head over a new set of skills you’ll never need again?

I will leave you with a stunning (and unique!) template, plus the basic skills required to keep the site up to date from then on, so this doesn’t have to be an ongoing expense.

I came to this project all upset and stressed about my website but it’s been beyond easy, and I have you to thank for that! It’s like I handed you a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a black puddle and you waved your magic wand and voila – a gorgeous website! I’m over the moon with it.

Lorna Fraser

Ceramic Artist

And finally …

Why go it alone if you’re not confident with tech? Employ someone who thinks like you, an artist and, would you believe, former luddite!

I had been thinking of having a new website built for years, my former site was over eight years old and barely represented the work that I was currently making. The thought of trying to pull together all the strands of my disparate practice was preventing me from moving forward. I had heard from other artist friends about Julia and how she had helped them to build their websites through a straightforward, clear and uncomplicated process. An initial zoom call with Julia, immediately put my mind at rest. She came across as a lovely, friendly person with lots of knowledge and experience and after talking to her for half an hour I felt confident that things would work. Choosing what to show, what to say, how to put a diverse practice in to some comprehensive semblance was my biggest overwhelming concern. Julia was amazing from the beginning helping me to categorise my work and gently directing my thoughts and ideas into a coherent and uncluttered space. Working each week with Julia was very good, allowing time in between to assess and think about what she had done and how that worked for me. I was amazed at how quickly things came together and how a collection of disparate images and text started to resemble a consolidated and integrated practice. Although, Julia worked on my site one day a week, she was always around should a problem arise and I felt secure in the knowledge that she was there in the background sorting things out. I would thoroughly recommend Julia to anyone who is thinking of building a new website. As a practising artist herself she has a great understanding of how other artists “tick” what concerns they may have and takes care of things in a professional, aesthetic and sensitive way.

Frances Law



You know two heads are better than one!

Image: Recent web client Frances Law (franceslaw.co.uk), ‘Collared Dove’s Nest with Feather’