Colin and I have noticed a huge increase in artists requesting we add a shop to their websites recently.
When Kirsty Lorenz’s sales went through the roof during lockdown, in part thanks to #artistsupportpledge she realised that she was missing a trick by not having E-commerce on her own website. She contacted me to add a simple shop to her website that she can manage herself and here is the result:
As exhibiting has become more challenging for artists at this time, they are clearly finding new ways to show and sell their work. Not only are they reaching a wider audience by having their available works visible online, but they are also cutting out the middleman and keeping full control over what is available and at what price, whilst also getting to keep the full amount of the sale price.
Some artists have complementary products to sell, such as catalogues or giclée prints, and these can be easily sold online, as the post and packaging is dead easy to work out. Artist Matthew Draper asked us to add a shop to his website for just this purpose:
I am currently adding a shop to a musician’s website also, so that she can sell her music directly. Another excellent solution for the future, as she can market her website through her gigs and deal with sales afterwards in a clean and safe way.
Don’t forget this part… All of our costs are tax deductible!
If you want to talk to us about adding a shop to your existing WordPress website, or if you would like a new website created from scratch that includes an E-commerce solution, please get in touch for a chat about our costs.