It felt like an enormous honour to be invited to develop a website for the Highland Pictish Trail. This website lists the main sites and museums where Pictish relics can be found throughout the Highlands of Scotland, including beautifully carved standing stones, significant religious sites and hillforts that can be discovered throughout the hills and valleys, and stunning jewellery and sculpture, which are lovingly cared for by the museums.

The website lists all of the sites and also offers suggested itineraries by geography (with a rather fabulous interactive map, though I say so myself!) or by theme (Art of the Picts, Pictish lives and Pictish power and culture).

All of the headings have been included in both English and Gaelic (a Celtic language spoken mainly in the highlands and islands of western Scotland and still spoken by about 58,000 people today) and the site also includes an accessibility tool, making it easy to increase text size or grayscale for example.

A huge thanks to Nicola Henderson and Helen Avenell from Museums and Heritage Highland for working with me to gather all content for this significant site.

We hope you enjoy visiting these relics digitally and hope that some of you will even make it in person. Please use this website to guide you to ‘Discover the lost kingdom of the Highland Picts’.

Image top: Clach Biorach © Ewen Weatherspoon