I was contacted in January by Scottish artist Gerry Hanley, who was looking to set up a website for her late uncle, Tom Hutcheson. I felt extremely privileged to be selected by her to create this archive, as Tom Hutcheson was a highly respected Scottish painter and teacher, and someone I feel it important to acknowledge and remember.

The work of Tom Hutcheson can be found in many public and private collections, including that of the Queen! He was a regular exhibitor at the Royal Glasgow Institute (RGI) and the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA), and was a long-time member of Glasgow Art Club.

Tom died while collecting his work at the close of the RGI exhibition in November 1999. I hope that this website helps his work and story to live on into the future.

It was a real pleasure to work with Gerry Hanley on this project. We both worked hard and we hope you enjoy the result.

Here’s what Gerry said about her experience of working with me:

‘Julia was recommended to me by the artist Marion Thomson, and as soon as I saw her Archival Website for Scottish Sculptor Bill Scott I wanted her to do Tom’s.

Every technical stage of the process turned out to be much easier than I expected, and she got the essence of the whole thing instinctively – being an artist herself.

I wanted a site that would balance seriousness about the art work with light-hearted reminiscence about Tom’s life – and Julia got it just right, making sensitive judgement calls about where to use certain photographs, and adapting elements of the art work to create design features in the site. She organised a lot of material into a comprehensive structure, and always listened to what I wanted before resolving it into something I really loved. In fact – it feels like she shared the love for Tom’s work that made doing this project so important for me, so it was lovely to work together in so many ways.’

Please visit the website at: tomhutcheson.co.uk