Colin and I have been enjoying collaborating on a new website for Canadian Gallery AIH STUDIOS (aka Art is Hell). While I worked on the main design, Colin’s focus was on setting up the e-Commerce area of the site, integrating Shopify into a WordPress website theme.

AIH Studios is a gallery in Welland (near Niagara Falls) in Canada. It showcases works by artists Tony Calzetta and Gabrielle de Montmollin, plus other invited artists. We hope that this website will showcase these artists to the wider world through the online galleries of their new works and also tempt people to purchase one of their paintings, limited edition prints,… and much more!


‘Surrealism and humour are frequent tools I play with in my art. My preference is to make images which tell a story, or construct a narrative especially when the story is not obvious or clearly defined and the viewer can interpret it based on their own personal experience.’

Find out more about Gabrielle de Montmollin

‘Often described as ‘abstract funnies’ or ‘surreal cartoons,’ my artwork straddles – and challenges assumptions about – high art and popular culture. ‘

Find out more about Tony Calzetta


They have decided to launch the e-Commerce STORE following the current coronavirus lockdown, so remember to follow them on social media and/or join their mailing list so they can alert you to this launch when things return to ‘normal’.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy viewing the galleries in their fabulous new website!