28th December 2013.

‘A fresh view of Scottish social history through the eyes of a contemporary artist.’

Close-Knit is a 50 page digital book for the iPad (a book as an App) published by Coffee Table for those with an interest in contemporary art, Scottish social history and the home life of a crofter in the 1800s.

This book presents the outcome of my Artist Residency in Timespan Museum and Arts Centre in Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland.

It contains stunning images of the North East coast of Scotland, snippets of gathered information and quotes about life in the crofts, alongside images of my art works, which include fiery flower installations in gable ends, a satirical spoof Estate Agent’s document that aims to sell you a ruined croft on a cliff edge in Caithness, a knitted installation made as a cross-generational collaboration and a rusty old bucket with a new beautifully woven bottom.

Scottish Journalist Giles Sutherland described the project as: ‘…a credibly fresh attempt to read a series of deeply felt historical events and circumstances from a new perspective with new materials. It succeeds both as art and as a form of social cohesion.’

Christina Baldwin, descendant of crofters now in New Zealand, said of the book ‘Who would have thought of writing a spoof as a Caithness sales agent that actually tells a true story – both witty and delightful, yet still reflecting the tortuous conditions at Badbea… I love it and I guarantee so will you.’

Download the book for the iPad FREE here.