24th August 2010.

The exhibition opening at Timespan was a huge success, with 56 people attending, including kids. I was delighted!

Director of Timespan, Nicola Henderson, kindly opened the exhibition with a few words and this was promptly followed by a brilliant and hilarious speech by my good friend Christine Cowie. She claimed that she was ‘a humble Maths Teacher on the bottom rung of the Arts Ladder’ but she has helped me enormously throughout my residency and I hope, that I may have helped her to climb up that ladder just a little.

IMG_0255 IMG_0252


I also said a few words about the individual works and how the ideas had come about. People seemed to listen…


Even the kids!



Once the speeches were out of the way visitors spent some time exploring the works. Of course, Jean Sargent quickly realised that my bedpan was indeed not a hat!


The wee ones turned my room containing the light-boxes into a disco…


…and visitors actually spent time reading my spoof Estate Agents document rather than just quaffing the free wine and crab pate nibbles (Thank you!)…


…I left Helmsdale on a high!