I’ve been so caught up in creating sites over the past year, I’ve had no time to post about all these wonderful new website designs!

When the pandemic hit and we were forced to close the door on our residency venue, Studio Faire, Colin and I increased our hours sitting at the computer and were delighted to find so many new clients looking for a fresh design for their websites!

There are still a couple in progress, which I’ll shout about as soon as they go live, but here are ten of my newest website designs:

Debbie Lee – Artist – https://www.debbieleeart.co.uk/
Julie Weaverling – Artist – https://julieweaverling.com/
Leena Nammari – Artist – https://leenanammari.co.uk/
Tony Marsh – Photographer – https://tonymarshphotography.com/
Deborah Whitney – Artist – https://www.deborahwhitney.com/
Peter Selgin – Designer – https://peterselgincoverdesign.com/
Christine Sparks – Musician – https://christinesparks.com/
Jane McKeating – Artist – https://janemckeating.co.uk/
Central Scotland School of Jewellery – https://cssj.co.uk/
Constance Sommer – Writer & Editor – https://constancesommer.com/

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