PHEW! Just finished working on this little website for Purvis Marquee Hire:

As you’ll see on further inspection, it’s actually MASSIVE!!!

My cousin, James Clark, is the Senior Project Manager at Purvis, but also does the majority of the web updates for them. He knew that their old website was starting to look a bit outdated and, so, decided to hunt down a few quotes for a new site. 

It was actually my friend Colin Gilchrist (who is working with them in his capacity as a Social Taylor) who suggested getting a quote from me for the work, so a Skype chat soon ensued, a price was agreed with the General Manager, John Brown, and we were off!

Initially James, Colin and I worked closely via Skype and email to come up with a plan for the navigation of the site and then I focused on the design and build of the key pages. Once these were agreed on, I taught James and Colin how to add the content and they took over, often working into the night after a hard day on site to get the website complete and ready for a final once over by me to ensure the design and layout was looking tip top before launch.

What a team we were! Merci mes amis for thinking of me for the work and also for the fantastic feedback James:

It has been great working with you on this project and, as always, it has made such a difference to work alongside people you know you can trust.

Thank you for your patience with us novices, I know it can be frustrating at times.

The website is brilliant and your overall design is exactly what we were looking for at every level, so thanks so much for everything.

James Clark

Senior Project Manager , Purvis Marquee Hire