I had the pleasure to team up with Colin again in order to create the perfect package for Kirsty Harte, who is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Body Control trained Pilates instructor, based in Northumberland, England.

As Kirsty was visiting South West France at the time, the three of us were able to site down together at Studio Faire to discuss her aims and desires for her new business. She needed strong images, a memorable brand and a fabulous website to promote her new Pilates classes.

Photographer, Designer and my husband, Colin Usher started things off nicely with a fantastic portrait photo shoot. You can see a couple of the results in this post.

Following this he got cracking on her logo design, thinking about colours, fonts and shapes. Key elements which I was also able to carry through into the design for her website.

I created a simple, clean and crisp WordPress website for her to advertise her classes, as well as tell the world a little about who she is. Following this I gave her help sheets and training videos so she can now keep the site up to date independently.

I have had such lovely lovely comments from people about the website so far. Thank you both so very much for helping me start my new venture.

I feel very grateful to have met you both xx

Kirsty Harte

Pilates instructor, Harte & Body