Scottish artist, Robbie Bushe and I first came into contact at Gray’s School of Art, where I was studying and he was a painting lecturer. He probably didn’t notice me much at that time as I was studying Textile Design and he was in the Fine Art department … the two departments didn’t really mix!

We next came into contact though Visual Arts Scotland (VAS). He is the President (and doing a great job of it I must add!) and, though I am a Professional Member, it was actually my working as Administrator and Exhibition Coordinator for the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) that brought us together, whilst coordinating annual exhibitions in Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Academy.

Working with Robbie on his new website design was a smooth and relaxed collaboration. I understood what he was after because he was clear about what he wanted, provided all content before I got started and even gave me a stylesheet showing how he would like it to look!

I enjoyed the process and Robbie seems to have also, as he said:

‘Julia just ‘got it’ as soon as I gave her a stylesheet ‘mood board’ for my site. She knew instinctively what I wanted that the end result feels like I designed it!

She lives in another country and it felt like she was next door.

She has been a joy to collaborate with on this. The site is brilliant and does what I wanted it to.

Thank you Julia!’


Robbie Bushe, ‘The Admissions Gate’ (detail)
Robbie Bushe, ‘Wellington Place Kitchen’