I really enjoyed working with the wonderful artist Soosan Danesh on a new website to showcase a portfolio of her past projects and present her new paintings.

Some artists prefer to give me regular feedback and updates on their own progress through emails, but Soosan was keen to have a weekly video chat and, as well as really enjoying catching up with her each week, this really helped speed things along and the website was completed ahead of schedule.

It seems that Soosan enjoyed these chats as much as I did! Here is what she said about her experience of working with me:

I have known Julia as a friend, Artist and Web designer from when she worked with SSA in Edinburgh, and I was pleased to find out she was happy to create my new website. The process was very enjoyable as well as educational; weekly contacts by email and FaceTime made it possible for us to look through my work together and come up with best settings.


She knew my character very well, after seeing a few samples of her work, we discussed the best settings for my website and after that I could leave all the creativity to her.


I am so grateful to Julia Douglas for creating my new website, and I’m going to miss our weekly chats very much.