Society of Scottish Artists

I am the Administrator and Exhibition Coordinator for the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA), an artist-led membership organisation governed by an elected President and Council, which ‘seeks to promote and encourage experimentation and the “adventurous spirit” in contemporary art.’

Founded in 1891, the SSA continues in the spirit of its initiators, to show the controversial and the unexpected and to give hanging space to new artists of promise.

The Annual Exhibition

The SSA continues its tradition of holding an Annual Contemporary Open Exhibition in the Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) in Princes Street, Edinburgh, one of the most prestigious galleries in the city.

Installation, video, computer and performance art, alongside a strong core of works in traditional media, result in challenging and invigorating shows. In an art-world where the divide between ‘new genres‘ and ‘traditional media‘ has rarely been wider, the SSA plays a unique and vital role in bridging the gap.

Please visit their website to find out more: www.s-s-a.org