Susan Elsley is a writer, researcher, policy analyst and development facilitator with a focus on children and young people and the organisations that support them.

By the very nature of her work, her website was going to be wordy! My challenge …

… to make a lot of words look attractive but easy to read.

By creating framed boxes and blocks of colour for the texts (keeping the largest texts a comfortable size and dark text on a white background), playing with fonts and interspersing some great images in-between the boxes (taken by professional photographer, Jacqui Dunbar), I feel confident that I was successful in achieving this mission… although it was a real challenge for me I have to be honest! Quite different from my usual websites for artists and designers, which tend to focus far more on images than words.

Susan said:

‘Julia did far more than design an interesting and dynamic website. Her design flair and insight helped me rethink how I present my work. The whole process was calm and thoughtful, allowing for ideas to emerge. Julia also gave me lots of good advice about my online profile and I am now well equipped to look after my website (with a little help if I need it). Thank you Julia.’

Thank you for the challenge Susan Elsley!