‘O….. M….. G….. !


So what you’re saying is that

1) you can write…. as well as

2) paint AND do

3) photography?….. AND

4) you’re a gurrlll..?

I sure am glad that I’m sitting down!

Seriously, Susan….. this is a cool site… for terrific work.

You rock, or rather soar above (in the most magnificent clouds!)’

Something wonderful and unpredictable is happening! My two ‘hats’ have been joining together. This has happened three times now, where an artist has decided to come for a residency at Studio Faire (Artist, Writer and Musician Residencies in South West France) and has then decided to work with me as their chosen web designer. So flattering!

The first two artists worked with me on their sites after their residency was over, but Susan Forrest Castle is still to come and now I really can’t wait to meet her later this year. I really feel as if we got to know each other through this process, laughing together, sharing an appreciation for clean, crisp design and sending each other snippets of stories about what was going on in our lives (from swimming in a lake in Georgia to being bitten by a dog! Both Susan!!).

Here’s just a few more of the many complements she received:

‘Your website is GORGEOUS and so classy! Sooooooo well done.’

‘…the site is amazing……I have been wandering through it, with so much beauty to ponder, and words to connect all, it is a rare treat…..congrats and I will share…..
Really lovely, Susan……’

‘This is gorgeous.
I love the photo of you that you chose for the About page.
It’s exciting and heartwarming to be a spectator to your professional growth and successes.’

‘Marvelous! I read every word and looked at all the images. Now to get the word out…!’

‘Your website looks impeccable’

‘Congratulations!!! It looks great and beautiful and it is quite amazing looking through all the work you have done.
I am happy to see all the photographs, drawings, oils…Thank you for sharing and I hope people will visit your site and get enchanted (and buy!).’

‘Your website strikes me as altogether professional, and functional,
and attractive.
Tout va bien!’

‘BRAVO on the new website. It looks marvelous.’