I was really chuffed to have a piece of work selected for both the Society of Scottish Artists and Visual Arts Scotland‘s Annual Exhibitions in the National Galleries of Scotland‘s Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) building!

Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) Annual Exhibition, 5-20 December 2014

Because I work as an Administrator for the SSA, I have always felt that it was wise to keep one of my other jobs, that of an artist, separate. This time, however, the SSA’s online digital submission system allowed for a completely anonymous submission and so I went for it, reassured by the knowledge that no-one could accuse the SSA of being all about  ‘jobs for the boys’!

Even got a wee mention from Duncan Macmillan in The Scotsman (07/12/14)

‘Julia Douglas makes a poetic point with Keep the Fires Burning, a photograph of the gable, built with almost neolithic stones, of a ruined Highland cottage, its empty fireplace filled with flowers.’


‘Keep The Fires Burning II’


Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) Annual Exhibition, 7-28 February 2015

I have, however, exhibited annually with VAS for 10 years as a Professional Member, but continue to be delighted to have work chosen, especially as this year they also had an anonymous digital selection.

VAS:T 2015 starts today and runs until 28 February at Edinburgh’s RSA. Well worth a visit! Read a review of the exhibition in The Herald (07/02/15).

I’ll be going back for another look and some better photos tomorrow!

Tick, Tick, Broom Tick, Tick, Broom (detail)

‘Tick, Tick, Broom’