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Working in partnership with Colin Usher (Managing Director of Coffee With A Lid™ and my husband) and with galleries, curators, arts organisations and artists, COFFEE TABLE produces, designs and distributes digital publications.

Coffee Table Tablets

Sumptuously visual, interactive, digital publications designed for the iPad and distributed via the iTunes App Store (a book as an APP).

With a focus on publishing visual artists, photographers, illustrators, makers and designers, COFFEE TABLE has been established to assist in building audiences and distribute publications globally.

We release digital ‘coffee table books’ which focus on creative imagery. Our selection process is cautious and deliberate in choosing to publish works that we feel are highly desirable or commercially viable…or ideally, both.

This is a brand new branch of Coffee With A Lid with our first publications launched in January 2014. Please visit iTunes to find out more and download our books onto your iPad.

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Web Builder at COFFEE WITH A LID

Coffee With A Lid

Working as Artistic Director of Coffee With A Lid, I have been helping small businesses create affordable, self-manageable websites using WordPress for over three years now (Colin has more like five years experience in WordPress and has been working with the web since 1995! So, anything I can’t do, he can).

Working closely with you all the way, I will create a website that is beautifully ‘coloured in’, is unique to your business, does what it needs to do to promote what you do, is extremely efficient for search engine optimisation and is simple to update.

If you want to be able to manage your web updates yourself, I will teach you how to do this once the site is looking ticketyboo and ready to go.

Realising just how much work, time and energy some websites require, as well as a keen eye for design, you may not want to update it yourself…in which case I’ll do it for you. Bearing in mind that there are many variables regarding what you might require: you may have just launched a new WordPress site (through Coffee With A Lid or another design company) and need an intense blitz to get the content from your old site transferred over, you may want me for a regular slot to perform updates, you may have images that you would like me to work on and include, you may also like me to post the odd Twitter or Facebook update for you.

Because what you need will be specific to your business, rates are sliding, can begin at just a few hundred pounds, and can be paid in instalments to suit your income.

As the name suggests, a coffee with a lid is often the drink of choice when out and about meeting with clients and being as mobile as we can be. Though based in East Lothian we travel well and are happy to meet you at your place to discuss your ideas.

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Below are some examples sites I have developed. Click on an image to zoom or, better still,  visit the sites by clicking on a link:


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